Odd coincidence? Or something else!

Recently I swapped out my radiator and serpentine belt on my 97 xk8. Upon the first startup afterwards, I started getting a rhythmic, almost click click click click click click that the best that I can tell is coming from the right side vvt! It stops after a few seconds and doesn’t come back until the engine cools down. I have yet to try pulling my serpentine belt to see if it does it with the belt off. I also noticed that my steering seems a bit “notchy” and the one time I listened closer I thought it sounded kinda like a “click fsssss click fsssss click fsssss”. I took a picture of the old serpentine to make sure I put it on right, so that “should” be right. Any thoughts? Just to say, the timing chain tensioners were upgraded before I bought the car. Just seems odd and coincidental that it started doing it immediately after doing the work.

Hey Jason,

Can’t help you with that one. I’ve got a 1987 XJ 6 Vanden Plas, Embassy

Hey Jason,
Sorry, I can’t help you with that one, but sounds like you’re on the right track.
I’ve got a 1987 XJ6 Vanden Plas. Embassy Edition with a problem of cutting out as we go up a hill.
Otherwise, it runs every well. I think my problem might be the fuel filter in the rear. Have seen the tutorial
online to be able to change it. Dealership does not work on that year, will go to my “go to guy” if need be.
Does anyone have an opinion?


Bob Allen

Hi Bob! If yours is the one in the trunk, it should be very straightforward. I just watched part of a video online and it looks like it’s basically just held in with 2 hose clamps and a bracket. Good luck!

Hi Jason. Could the start-up noise be related to the power steering problem? Another thought would be the harmonic damper starting to fail. Have you tried spraying belt dressing on the belt? Keep us posted on what you find out.

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I’m kinda curious about the steering being a by-product too. I have yet to get to look into it further. It didn’t do it at all the day before yesterday and I still had the steering feel, but then yesterday morning it was cold and it did it for a little bit. Smh