Off Topic. Landrover info needed

Ahahaha surprisingly takes a lot of work to make a vehicle artificially look weathered but worth it.

I am not so sure about doing that. My biggest problem over the years has been to keep my vehicles from developing patina. Might be hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. I*'ve never owned one, but have admired the old classic version.

  2. Decades ago, I was tempted. A similar one. Almost in my budget. At least one flaw.
    A Studebaker flat head engine. I could live with that. I had a pair a time before. But, it was so long that there was np room eft for a radiator???

  3. There are a couple of guys in Texas that make money by reviving old odd critters and making them look even older. Fake rust for the “patina” look???

  4. My 69 FJ 40 Toyota sported a jerry can astern. Along with a spare tire and wheel on a swig away rack. The one time I needed it, t was empty!!! Son!!!

  5. There are two USA jerry cans versions.
    A. Screw on cap. Intended for fuel.
    B. Flip top. Painted inside in a cream color. Water intended here.

I’ve owned one or more of each.

  1. Way back as a kid, when we went desert camping, we took one of the water variety.

  2. My last assignment mission as a battery officer as platoon leader. Eight half tracks, a 3/4 ton truck and my Jeep. Assigned to an armored company. M48 “Patton” battle tanks. Provide AA protection !! Yeah sure, how in h… do we stay up with them!! Well, we did after a fashion! At one 'rest" time we got fuel. A 6x 6 loaded with Jerry cans. And a coupel of burly GI’s to wrangle them. Just drove along the colum… “How many?”. A half track OK with 3 or 4. The Pattons, a lot more!!!

  3. Jay Leno has a Blastolene “roadster” powered by an engine from a Patton.



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Here are mine…

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