Offset brake and clutch pedals any thoughts

Any thoughts on the offset pedals. Thinking they offset to the left . Away from the gas pedal. Just got a new knee installed and I seem to be needing a little more room.

I offset the clutch pedal which gives about another 1/2" space from the brake pedal, which works very well.

I recommend it as well as I did this for both the brake a clutch pedals in my 1970 FHC. Gave me significant room for the accelerator foot as before it was easy to catch the brake pedal if I was wearing wider shoes (like running shoes). Installation of the offset pedals took about 5 minutes.

I purchased the offset brake pedal from XK’s Unlimited (now Moss) years ago and its some of the money I ever spent.


That’s it.

Hey thanks. Just ordered 2 …this will be nice to have a little more room .

I put the brake pedal in and it’s quite impossible to heal and toe. Am thinking of going back to stock. I don’t want to move the clutch pedal to the left because then I would not be able to put my foot down on the left to stretch out.

I installed mine for extra room for my wide foot not for heel and toe.

For what it’s worth: I find that it’s easier for me to heal and toe in my flat floor OTS compared to my recessed foor FHC

I am a D width? You?

Between a EE and a EEE