Oil Filter head to Block Gasket

I believe an obvious answer, but just want to clarify. As long as the gasket holes match those in the block and the periphery is sealed then will either gasket pictured below be compatible with this filter head?
My block is a C8610/1, the filter head is not original to the block.
Thanks, Alan

Yes, in your picture the upper right cavity is in line with a hole in the block that passes through the oil gallery and into the center main bearing, so your cavity is sort of a blind alley.
The lower right hole is the supply from the pump to the outside of the filter.
The upper center hole is where the filtered oil comes out of the center of the filter and goes into the main oil gallery.
The pump puts out more oil than the bearings can take, so the pressure valve opens.
The cavity on the left is where excess oil gets dumped back into the sump.


What I think is “annoying” is that when you order a complete gasket set for your XK 120/140 engine, you get a variety of oil-filter gaskets with it (up to 10 different versions, at least here in Europe) and you have to select the correct one yourself.
I use the same approach as you do, with the oil filter together with the holes in the block as the correct template. I still have a stock of about 20 “incorrect” oil filter gaskets left, of which I don’t know for which engine type they are…

Bob K.

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Only Jaguar would know , why I block with all the same oil way’s , yet so many diffrent oil filter housings :rofl:

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So I’m not the only one with this gasket problem…

Bob K.

It’s not a problem if you know what the Oil filter housing is off , but there is just as many housings as there are gaskets , can be a mine field !

Okay, but why oh why do we plug the “to center main bearing” path ?
On some cars there’s a plug in the block, in my Mk1 I have an additional metal plate blocking both “return to sump” and “to center main bearing” holes.
Return to sump is external via rubber hose, but cannot understand why “to center main bearing” path is to be blocked ?!?
I’m mentally stuck here, scared to put Tecalemit base this way unless I’m sure I won’t hurt my crankshaft bearings …

Well upon investigation I see this hole to be plugged is the same volume as main oil rail.
Strange why Jag did not move one of them to combine into single hole.

But - another confusion got me - why can’t I prime the oil pump by sucking the "from oil pump connection ? The pipe connected there keep giving me air. This should be sucking oil from sump via the pump, shouldn’t it ? Or maybe I have some unplanned leak on the high pressure side of the pump ?

The small hole is just the leftover from drilling the hole from the main galley to the center main. It would not be large enough to support the oil flow for the entire engine, hence the larger hole.

Gear and rotor oil pumps are positive displacement devices. You cannot move fluid through them by either pressure or suction without also turning the gears or rotor.

Ok I’m guessing that this is for an XK150?
and there is an extra ring welded on so it can use a spin-on filter?

Chamber A is where the oil comes in from the pump.
Chamber B is where the filtered oil goes out to the gallery and thus to the bearings.
Chamber C is where the excess oil gets dumped back to the sump.

The small hole drilled in the block for main bearing 4 is in line with chamber A.
If the small hole were not plugged, unfiltered oil would be pumped into there.

This is an example of why caution must be exercised when swapping oil filter heads on XK engines. The passages must be studied and analyzed.
I wish the library were still in operation. I would write a good white paper on this subject.

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Close, it’s a '58 Mk1 3.4 and the base is original to car.
I get the idea of small hole being ‘technological remains’ but don’t get why oil pump wouldn’t let me prime it by sucking in from it’s exit port (on engine block).

Hmm is it that pump’s output is isolated/sealed from it’s input by the rotor ?

I.o. w. when sucking air from outlet - it’s easier to get some air from pump surroundings through case imperfections than oil form it’s intake side ?

Looks like you’re supposed to have a blanking plate.

You could fill the side gallery with oil.