Oil pan removal 2002 X Type AWD

do I really have remove the transfer case etc…OMG…

If you are willing to drill a hole in the mount web of the Xfer case you can remove the hidden bolt.
You might also need to loosen the exhaust pipes to get the pan out.

NO — you do not!
While I don’t have any references at the moment, my son found instructions online
for drilling a hole up through part of the casting to reach the one bolt that you can’t
get to. We did the job this way two years ago (oil pan gasket) and his car has been
leak-free ever since. The hole was no bigger than 1/2", large enough to get a 1/4" drive
socket up through. We were very thankful to have found that solution.


Hi Ken, yes I saw a vid on you tube , a couple actually and did it this way… I do not understand why this simple hole was not done right from the start of the cars life… imagine…making work for the dealerships someone suggested. THX Art.