Oil piston suction chamber

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How to measure the oil in the piston chamber … or how to know if you have less than you should have


I fill the tube on the piston all the way up. If you shine a light down whilst adding oil you will see the reflection take a different shape under the light as the diameter increases at the “bell tube”. Sure, you get some overflow when you replace the damper - doesn’t matter - takes away the guesswork. Paul.

In reality, as long as there is enough to cover the damper tip, it will work as intended. If you push the plunger down and only detect resistance from the oil in the bottom cm or so, this is enough for it to work. The reason is that as the piston rises, the damper becomes more immersed. Obviously it is better to have more depth to cater for the long stretches between checks and I usually fill to a cm below the top.

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Can I uses the same engine/motor oil or does it have to be

A whole bunch of us use ATF in the dash pots. Anything heavier will slow down piston movement. You will get many different opinions.
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I’ve always used SAE 30 engine oil as the manual says.
Moss and others sell a special little bottle of magic dashpot oil, which I tried once but didn’t notice any difference.

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Interesting… I have a later (1967) Mark 2 and the owners manual says dashpots should be filled with SAE 20 oil.

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