Oil pressure after removing pump

When you convert to vacume booster and remove the engine driven pump on front of the motor, can you later get an oil leak after installing the cover plate supplied in the kit.

If you are take the plate off and make a gasket? Never taken the pump off and can’t recall if there is a oil path.

Hmmm …

That’s an interesting question. I don’t remember any oil being behind the hydraulic pump when I took mine off, and if memory serves me I believe I drove the car for a few days before I got around to fabricating and installing the cover without any problems.

I’ve thought about this in the past and was never sure what drove the pump. It turns out that it’s the intermediate sprocket …

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 9.32.05 PM

… which is driven by the crank shaft via the lower timing chain. Although there may be some oiling going on in there I don’t believe it’s under pressure.

Thank you for your replies, Dennis you confirmed my thoughts,I remember being told in 2006 when mine was done the it was a cover plate to protect the area from dirt.

Although I’m pretty sure that shaft that runs the hydraulic pump has a seal around it where it comes through the timing chain cover I think you’re correct that the cover is to keep dirt out and protect against that spinning cog.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO oil passage in the pump drive coupling area. (if there is, you gotta problem)

The plate it simply to prevent dust/debris in that area.

Several times in the past I have fashioned a cover from a steel plate cut from the bottom of a coffee can (Large Size) and drilled 3 holes. No gasket needed, just a close fit is OK.

I even gave the plate a coat of silver paint.

The correct aluminum plate is preferred but maybe NLA?

I couldn’t get the correct plate as you are correct, NLA. I removed the base of the pump, held on by one screw, by tapping the base. Next I removed the impeller by grinding off the coupling end, and pressed out the shaft. The hole is filled with a silicone plug. Looks okay, don’t you think?

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