Oil Pressure relief valve stuck open

A question about the oil pressure relief valve. I started my 3.8 engine for the first time this year, and had no oil pressure. And stopped the engine. Decided to replaced the rubber seal rings at the oil pump ( one was damaged ) still no pressure. After a long investigation I found out the oil pressure relief valve was stuck open. It was way to far open, but was installed just the way it is on the picture. But it the picture wrong? should the valve not be installed the other way around?
By the way I have the pin in there, preventing the valve to go open to far, but it did!

I think that’s correctly orientated.

I’m not familiar with exactly the housing you have, but the relief valves usually have a section at the top with evenly spaced 3 vanes that project laterally. This part goes into the seat and will allow oil to flow past the valve while keeping the valve aligned in the seat orifice. This stops the valve coming out too far and jamming open.

In the diagram on the SNGB site it shows part 22, a stop pin. Is this what you were referring to? It’s not shown in your picture.

Later oil filters have the spider 8106 #19 on this picture.