OJOA's Concours

Anyone heading to the OJOA’s Concours in Hamilton on Sunday?

Was planning to take the XK120 but a higher priority came up. Take pics!

I was hoping to seeing your 120, an absolute stunner.

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For those of us not in the know:

OJOA = ??? (I’m assuming the J = Jaguar; O = Ontario??

Hamilton, where??

Ontario Jaguar Owners’ Association
Celebrating the 54th Concours d’Elegance!!

Held at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (9280 Airport Road, Mount Hope)
About an hour from BuffalO border.


Was that the extent of E Types?

Not that many 2 in championship division 2 in special modified 4 in driving

A lot more will be at British Car Day in Bronte.

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Wow! Not feeling so bad about missing it! Only been to Bronte once, impressive! Going to have to decide between Bronte and Road America Vintage Races this year!

Yes Bronte will be a much better showing.

Hope to see you at Bronte!

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I think I see a couple of '68 FHCs as well as a Lancaster and a Vampire. Wish I could have gone.

68 E-type FHC

Hope to seen you at British Car Day in Bronte Ontario., Sept 18th. There will be a tribute to E types as the 60th was postponed due to restrictions.

Should be a strong E-type pressence


That miiiiiiiiight be a bit too-far a hike for me, but post lotsa pidgers!

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Here’s a pic from outside… spent the day and it was fun… mine is the 1st BRG one from the right, beside the Mark II

I counted 8 E Types altogether - 6 inside and 2 outside in the “Display” category which left early-ish.

My E type was so excited by these proceedings that, after being slowed by some heavy traffic on the QEW on the way home, it ejected about 2 litres of coolant onto the garage floor…

Nice. :sweat_smile: :joy:

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