One The Weirdos Missed

This guy has the right attitude.


He’s a good guy. Met him at one of the All British Meets a few years back, he has a gorgeous 64 or 65 FHC. Very knowledgable… Surprised he’s not on this forum.

Chiselers ……:+1:

Chiselers only succeed if you let them. I have had a thousand or more ‘cilcks’ on my car, and you can spot the scammers and hustlers if you pay attention. A shame that this stuff goes on, and the internet is wide open for crooks and those who refuse to make an honest living.

One that the hoarders, flippers, chiselers, predators, crooks, kooks, freaks, thieves, buttholes, dickheads & weirdos…

Sounds like he is a fan of Hedley LaMarr… :slight_smile: