Opinion on rear anti roll bar mounts

I need to replace the differential on my x300 and want to install an anti roll bar while I am at it.
I bought an anti roll bar with mounts, but the brackets are very rusty and quite thin in places. So I had a look for alternatives. I found Audi mounts that have the correct diameter, but they are significantly narrower.

I would assume the load on the mounts is higher in the Jaguar than it is in the Audi (A6 Quattro). The anti roll bar obviously has the same diameter, but I think it will be significantly longer in the Audi.

So what are your thoughts, will these work in the Jaguar or will they fail very soon?


I made a @Robin_O_Connor inspired mounting bracket:

It is made of 10mm steel
As you can see I gave the Audi A6 Quattro mounts a go, but also dirlled holes for the original mounts should I need them. The mounts are installed a little higher up than the original position would be. The idea is to use the Ford Mondeo anti roll bar links pictured on the right. They are a tad longer than the Jaguar ones (wich I believe are identical to the older Mondeo ones).

Now I need to get the parts, including an x308 differential mono strut, sand blasted and powder coated so I can install them, along with the “new” differential, in spring.


PS: I hope I don’t run into clearance issues with the exhaust with the slightly longer Mondeo links. The XJ6 is not available to check, but I had a look on the XJ12:

By the way, is the XJ12 not supposed to have an anti roll bar?