Original 34k miles 1963 coupe on BAT

I agree. It is a remarkably well preserved unmolested E-Type, but it is a 1963 model. An early car in this condition would probably fetch a lot more, but as we’ve seen before, the “unmolested original” premium for 63-67s is a lot less - see the 1965 “barn find” OTS that sold at Gooding and then on BaT a while back. I tend to agree with @unclmank that the overrestored 4.2 S1s seem to be where the $300K money lies…


I molested Tweety a lot… It didn’t seem to help its selling price either. :slight_smile:

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Good point! All those over-restored 4.2 S1s are OTSs as far as I’ve seen. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do the same thing with a FHC. If someone did so, it wouldn’t surprise me if it fetched similar money, or at least close.

Have you put on the fowl molester list? :face_with_spiral_eyes::wink:

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Should be: the FHC is the prettier of the two.



Do those paint “doohickeys” detect rust beneath the paint? LOL!

Alrighty then…$300,00, please…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Put it on BaT: with the high level of quality you’ve done the car to, it may well go for that.

Here’s one, and I’ve seen it in person. Beautiful



No, but don’t you think if you could demonstrate that a 60 year old car is still wearing its original paint, and there’s no evidence of bubbling, that bodes well for the condition of the sheet metal?


Interesting data point to compare E-type market to Porsche market.

This 911 is neat, and had been fairly well looked after by a long-term owner, but doesn’t really compare to the preservation on that E-type.

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171 large???

Oh well… willing seller… willing buyer.

About 100 over. Great for the seller!

I had the same 1971 911T in high school. Same exact color! I think I paid 5k for it the mid 80s.

This one compares! :grin: My moms car when she got married. You can see it says Newlyweds written on the outside on the convertible top. at least my dad had my mom focused in about the center of the picture. Ha ha


Yep I completely agree things are only worth what people are willing to pay.

Actually it doesn’t compare. I just love Porsche too!

I had a ‘72 T Targa in high school as well, with the cool oil fill door that gas station attendants tried to put fuel in. :woozy_face:

Viper Green, houndstooth interior, 7” Fuch’s on all corners. She was a sweetheart. I think I paid $6,500.00 for it…

Very cool! I loved that car!!! I move to NYC in the 80s and it really wasn’t practical to drive in the city.