Original appearance of electrical/fuse box cover on the scuttle

Trying to get this 1948 Mk IV saloon back on the road and in great shape. Can someone please tell me about the original appearance of the metal cover over the fuse box? I’ve seen them in all sorts of restoration states, painted aluminum, polished, painted black, the recessed area behind the Jaguar logo painted black? What’s the general thought on how it should appear? Thank you!

The one on my Mark V was gloss black when it came to me in 1969.
There has never been any doubt in my mind that they should be black.


Hi Jim,

I don’t know the answer but Allan Crouch’s car has it entirely black. Another in his book has it black but with the Jaguar letters silver. I suspect that one or other of these is correct.


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Hi James
Here is my cover for what it is worth. This is an original 1948 car.

I just realized the Mark IV and Mark V fuse covers are not exactly the same, so we probably shouldn’t assume the finish was the same without more research.

This is 630253 the “bird bomb special” after cleaning.

This is 637146 in a restoration shop.

This is how my car came to me in unrestored condition…


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