Original factory shocks?

strong textI have found replacing shocks on vintage cars a waste of money since todays shocks are worse then original factory ones. My 1976 XJ6 has Girling shocks…are these the factory shocks?
My 63 XKE which has no front coil springs…when the shocks went…you can tell because you feel your on a bowl of jelly. They were replaced with Kona shocks.
Are these Girling (if spelling is right) original XJ6 shocks. My Jag XJ6 had 124,000 miles on it.
What quality brand is equal to factory shocks ?? Thank you.

**I will reply to myself…yes Girling were factory shocks. Will replace with Ultra Gabriel shocks since
they are affordable from Rockauto.

How did those Gabriels workout for you? How is the ride and handling?

David Womby

The Gabriel Ultra shocks 0n my 1976 XJ6 worked out great which I purchased from Rock Auto. Much better ride. However before I got my shocks my radius arms in the rear were shot. They gave clunky ride in rear. By luck a neighbour had a pair of good used ones he gave me for free. A little job to install but was worth doing it myself like the front shocks. Now on bumpy roads Jag is quiet and solid. Also with new front shocks car no longer squeals on some corners. I have added a 1987
Jaguar XJ12 to my collection. Had to solve a few problems with it but have thanks to Adam on youtube’s “Living with a Classic” Adam shows you don’t need a shop with $200,00 worth of tools to fix your Jag. He tells you what handful of tools you need for each job. The V12 is smooth and powerful and A-1 ride. If you have XJ6, XJ12 or a XJS ……subscribe to Living with a Classic you will be glad you did David.

Thanks. I appreciate the report and the heads up on ‘Living with a Classic’.