Original XJ-S Colour

Ok here’s my dumb question for the week. I’m either loosing my mind or I swear in the early 1980’s I saw an XJ-S in this colour.
Did I imagine this colour or could you get it on a first generation XJ-S.
In the sun it almost took on a lavender hue (see what I did there)?
Surely there must be a Jag Lover that has one? What would you call this colour when I checked off my order sheet. I think it’s kinda different.

I recall some special program in which not only could you get your XJ-S in any color your little heart desired, but you could also get the wood in the dash dyed in some weird colors. Don’t think that was early 80’s, though, I think it was later.

That would be the Insignia program. Really got off the ground post-1992 when they stopped making the Daimler DS420.

Has anyone here ever actually seen an Insignia car?

Well unless this mauve looking one I kept seeing was one I’m not sure. Knowing that I’m more involved in the Jaguar community these days I wished I had gone and talked to this owner and taken a closer look at his XJ~S. It was such a unique look but I find it hard to believe that on this world enthusiast website someone doesn’t have one or could post a picture. I would really like to see it.

That colour does seem familiar on XJ saloons of the 1970s - mostly pub landlords I believe. Don’t think I ever saw it on an XJS though.

I would advise going to PaintScratch.com’s website, typing in “Jaguar” for make, and then to scroll through the MYs that you think the car you saw that color in pertained to., to see if any of the Jag factory colors shown for each MY look like it. Their online color charts are pretty close to the real thing (a different story though when you try to print them out, IMHO :disappointed: ). You will then have the “official” name of the color and the paint code #., for matching purposes.

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