Outer tie rod C8322/1

I have play on the outer tie rod (right side on a LHD 140 dhc).
I ordered the replacement from SNG but it doesn´t fit. The mounting nut, inside the rubber bellow is different from the orig tie rod.
Waiting for an explanation from SNG.
Anyone else been through this?
In fact I have the same problem on two cars, one of which also has play in the UJ at the bottom of the steering column, but this UJ is available and should be ok, I hope.

Strange that it does not fit.
Replaced both arms on my xk150, with those from SNG, no problem here.
The streering rack from the XK150 is the same as the XK140.

Peter Jan

Yes, very strange. And your rack is original?
Wonder if there is a later/modern rack available, onto which the C8322/1 fits…
Still no trply from SNG, Coventry Auto Components or Guy Broad.

You are referring to Part 32 inner ball joint assembly, correct?
Same part number C8322 for all 140 and 150.
There was a change in the tab washer because there was a change in the housing.

Thanks, as always, Rob. Yes, my car is early, and prior to the change. Main, visible change, is the position of the grease nipple, where the early cars had it on the main tube assembly, and later cars directly on the housing. The thick book explains this, but SNG should have asked when taking the order.
If they don´t have the early rod, I will ask them about a new complete rack assembly, which might give a very tight steering experience with no wear on the rack or pinion

I don’t understand what doesn’t fit. Doesn’t the tie rod come with the ball housing? This should screw into the end of the rack, shouldn’t it? The only differences I’ve come across is in the ball housing which can be slotted or hexagon and which require different lock washers. I can’t see why early and late tie rods as an assembly are not interchangeable.