P0340 Cam shaft or crank shaft sensor?

My 95 X300 92K started and ran fine for the first 5 miles. I was on the highway and began to lose power. Got off and limped home. It idles fine but stumbles badly above 1500 rpm. Got home cooled it down cleaned the throttle body and MAF checked connections and it started and ran well at low speed 40 mph but stumbles on hard acceleration. Got a low cat 420 code and the 340. Is the code a cam shaft or crank shaft issue I have seen it called both and my OBD says camshaft ? Also as a side note I changed the upper radiator hose yesterday could something have been soaked with coolant in that process?

AJ16_ECM1995.pdf (121.0 KB)

DTC guide for you.

Thanks, you’re always so helpful! They’re speaking of the crank position not the cam correct? I checked for air leaks right off before I cleaned the throttle body and the MAF.

The CAM Position Sensor (CMPS) is the ‘distributor’ looking thing at the RF of the engine.

I was referring to that as the crank , my mistake. I’ll dig into that today….fingers crossed.