P1121 Throttle Body: Accelerator demand sensor A circuit range/performance

While driving on the highway (4 lane divided U.S.) my MY 99 XK8 went into safe mode as I slowed to merge on to the exit ramp. There was a hard downshift followed by the following additional indications on the dash panel. Traction Control Failure, Restricted Performance, Stability Control Failure, Transmission Fault, Fail safe engine mode. When I got the car home I retrieved the following codes: Air Related - P0102 (Mass or volume air flow circuit low input), Intake Air Temperature -P0112 (Intake Air Temperature sensor 1 circuit low input), Throttle Body - P1121 (Accelerator demand sensor A circuit range/performance). Went through all the pinpoint tests identified in On-Board Diagnostics Manual and Electrical Guide. All checked out OK. Both Service Bulletins 303-5498 (not needed) & 303-58 (Connector Material Mismatch) had been worked several years ago. I worked through all of the pinpoint tests referenced in the Jaguar On-Board Diagnostics Manual and found all tests OK. :confused: ( I visually checked the throttle cable at the throttle position sensor and found iit slightly soft. It wasn’t droopy, just soft when pressed with a finger. I adjusted the throttle cable at the throttle position sensor at the throttle body 1 turn tighten. Erased all error codes. Car has operated normally. I hope this is the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Same year XK8 …same code…chase all the same “fixes”. Do yourself a favor…replace the throttle body. Rebuilt ones are available…less than $600…takes less than hour. Cheers!