Paint code needed

Hi, I normally haunt the E type page. I’m working on a project and have settled on Giola Green as a color possibility for it. It is used on F type, but I’m not able to find a paint code that the paint store recognizes. This is what I’ve found, but doesn’t cross to a PPG, OMNI, or Chroma paint code:


Any info out there?

Those are the same paint codes I’m seeing for it as well. I’m guessing PPG just doesn’t have the formula in their system so its not coming up for the paint store.

If you’re intent on using one of the PPG paint lines, you may have to have them scan the color and mix a custom blend for you. Of course, I’m assuming you don’t have anything already painted that color handy, which may require some creativity on your part.

I’m not married to PPG paint, but the paint store guy cant find a compatible code for any of their brands. See anything for a different brand - Omni, Nason, Chroma, ?

I know its not an ideal solution, but you may have to order an aerosol touch up can of the color from an online vendor, and then paint a color test card or something with it which you could then take to the paint shop to get scanned.

The other, albeit outlandish, solution that comes to mind would be to find a car painted that color for sale locally. Take the car on a test drive and drive it to the paint shop for a scan.

Is there any chance you could order the paint through the parts department of your local JLR dealer?

I know these ideas sound insane, but I don’t have a better answer for you. Let us know how you end up proceeding.

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