Paint Codes 1955 MVIIM

Looking for the original codes. My car is off white but the trunk (original surface) seems “creamier”. Are the numbers on the data plate?

Sounds like Old English White, when it come I thought it looked a bit too white , so I T cut a little in the boot , and brushed a little of the new paint on , it was spot on .

Thanks…with a little more research, I found code 2680, Dupont 8313 Are they familiar? Like you. my boot is the original color.

Its possible your car is “Lavender Grey” which is a creamy color ?

One way to tell for sure is to get a Heritage certificate

pretty sure that says the original color

I have seen one, and would describe it as cream, whereas the “old english white” I would describe that as white

My Old English White .

not my MKVII unfortunately, but that is the Lavender Grey

Very pretty car…I’ll try to get a good photo of my boot today. It’s difficult to go from car to camera to computer and still have the correct color showing.

Best, Adrian

Follow up. I’d forgotten to check, but Heritage Certificate does say dispatch color Cream with Black interior. VIN 738678DN. 4-spd O/D. If Cream is Lavender, very interesting!

There has been a lot of discussion on the XK forum about the post-Dec’52 synthetic enamel color variously called Old English White and Cream. Not to be confused with the earlier nitrocellulose color called Cream and Ivory.

These are from a book about the XK120. A post-Dec '52 Mark VII from body L.010744 onward should be the same, according to Service Bulletin 114.
Pinchin Johnson or British Dolomac code is J.863
Base (RM, 1399A)
SC01 - 93.0 gr
SC59 - 101.7gr
SC67 - 132.2 gr
SC29 - 177.0 gr
SC10 - 326.2 gr
SC90 - 1280.0 gr

I would not say that was White Tony , more like a Warwick grey , like my first 240 !

Thanks Rob, Makes sense. I took a boot photo. Closely matches Urs. Vol II J.863.


I think your pic looks White

The pic I posted as Lavender Grey was for the OP to decide if that looks more like Cream

He has now clarified has a Heritage Cert

Lots of shades of Grey in MKVII

dont like Grey cars, as it is the same color as the road

at least MKVII has shiny chrome

nearly killed myself once by not seeing a faded grey Mitsubishi Lancer, no chrome on it

I probably made too much out of it, but the “Lavender” reference threw me off. Here’s a boot photo…I learned from Rob that the 120 and Mk7 paints were the same in 1955 and that the “Cream” listing on my HCert is the same as shown by Urs Vol II. IMO. Thanks for the help. Whatever, it’s a way fun car!