Painting of Lead loaded bodywork

I am painting my Mk 2 Jag for the 2nd time and I need some guidance on painting lead loaded surfaces.
The first time round several months after painting the car the lead loaded areas started developing “Wrinkles”. Another Mk 10 owner in Sri Lanka also developed a similar problem on his car.about one year after painting. Is there any special primer or body filler that can be used to avoid this?

Usually this results when the acids from the leading process are not fully neutralized and cleaned.

Fully cleaned and neutralized, all wax removed, any good primer should work. Lead is just metal, so any primer that adheres to bare metal will be fine. There’s no special “lead” primer to my knowledge.

If you’re absolutely certain the leadwork has been prepped properly for paint, then I’m at a loss. some kind of contaminated lead perhaps?



Echoing Dave, if lead loading is properly applied, neutralized (sodium bicarbonate) and prepped like all other metal, it should be good to go.