Painting the front suspension shims

I saw a restorer’s photo of his suspension parts laid out, freshly blackened and ready for assembly. Among the parts were the shims all laid out, also in black.

I wonder if there’s wisdom in leaving the paint or powder coat off the shims. Isn’t it possible for the coating, whatever it is, to migrate under the pressure and leave the fasteners loose?

Hmmm… never pondered that: if powder painted, unlikely.

Maybe they were just blued with a torch? I wouldn’t paint or powder coat shims as you lose the dimension.

You’d actually gain dimension, but in the scheme of things, that gain would be irrelevant to front suspension settings.

I meant that you would lose the dimensional accuracy stupid mistake not to clarify that in the first instance :frowning:

Yeah, sounds like the restorer didn’t think about that. I smear them with grease.

So, I’m wondering if upon assembly he needs to add one. Does he paint (or powdercoat) that one too? A little over restored… sounds like something I would do.

Honest to God I can’t recall this being discussed in the last 20 years or so. Surely we can wrangle 20 or 30 comments on this subject! :rofl:

… We’re down to pondering the finish on shims.

The end is near.


Are you suggesting that there may be some OCD on here? :slight_smile:

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A shim is a precision part. You don’t paint or PC them.
You could always PC the steering ball joints…

Some… SOME?


While the engine’s out and apart, I’m going to powder coat the main’s shells. There’s only 13 of them so it shouldn’t take too long. Can someone tell me how much to turn the crank down to compensate?



Mitch, just to be sure you don’t scrape the finish off I’d go ⅛" extra grind.
Whilst you’re at it, you could get the brake cylinder pistons done too. You never know who’s going to look in there.

Hang on… 13 main shells? How come you have an odd number?

That’s all that was in there when he took the crank out.
Mitch, just leave the bolts loose.

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Just don’t do what I did, once: buttoning up the last tin on a Bug engine, then seeing the other half of the center main shell, hiding on the bench.

New words were invented. None printable.

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Oh. I found it. I think that’s it in the oil pump. Yes, sure of it 'cause I found what must be wrist pin in the diz gear.

All sorted then. eh? Jolly good.