Parking brake locked on

(Britfmdc) #1

I am trying to get a 1997 XK8 ready for sale for a recently widowed friend. The problems are: Rear wheels locked; brake warning light on; traction control warning and ABS warning. Car has been in storage with a flat battery for some time. When pressing foot brake I can hear a click from near the shifter consol. Putting in Neutral with engine running (on a slight hill) the car will roll backwards but stop on the foot brake, and then hold on the hand brake. Note: when towing only the RH rear wheel locks up. Totally baffled. Any and all help apreciated.

XK150, AH3000, M3 and recent cutodian of XK8

(Grahame Loader) #2

To release the hand brake on the XK8, you have to push the button in, pull the handle up till you feel a resistance give and then put the brake handle all the way down. The brake handle is designed to nest when the park brake is on, therefore it doesn’t remain in the up position when on. Past drivers have possibly burnt out the hand brake by driving when it s on.

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Thanks Grahame, Yes, that is the way I used the brake, it is a quasi fly-off handbrake. Question is, what steps to take to rectify the problem. Electronics/mechanical?

(Eric Capron) #4


It sounds like there is a fault with the ABS, possibly but not necessarily, a wheel sensor. This would cause the warning lights that you have to come on. The ABS pumps can be troublesome too. Also, since the car has been standing, you may have a rusted up calliper which is why the RH wheel is locked. Very difficult to offer more advice but I think I would start by having a close look and the RH wheel.

Shropshire, UK

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Thanks Eric. Nothing untoward on RH rear. Resoldered power terminals inside ABS control box. Still no joy. Now I’m getting ABS, traction control & gearbox warning lights!