Part number for bush for bilstein shocks?

Hi fellas,

I’ve got an '87 XJ40 and am looking for a part number for the rear lower shock bush. Pictures below.

The shocks have the part number: MMC3541FA

Everything I’ve found so far seems to be either for the wrong VIN or the part looks quite different. These are what I’ve come across so far and don’t believe it to be either of these:

Any ideas?


I may be wrong about this but AFAIK only the late '94 model (X300 type) shocks have replaceable lower bushes.

The parts manual for VIN 500001 to 667828 identifies it as CAC9443, “Spherical Joint”. The diagram doesn’t actually identify the specific bush, but then it’s included in the list of parts to the right as part CAC9443. I will say it looks similar to the photo of CCC6782R in your post.

I keep SPHERICAL JOINTS for the X300, X308 and X100 rear dampers in stock and I can measure one to see if it will fit the earlier dampers?

I don’t work on the XJ40s anymore because I lost all my customers to attrition.(all the cars are gone from their stables)

The Spherical Joints I keep in stock for the Jaguar rear suspension measures 40mm diameter, 48mm in length with a 14mm bolt hole diameter.