Parting 1996 XJ12

I’ll be scrapping this soon.
Engine seized, good rad.
Let me know if there’s anything you may need.

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I’d like the steering pump for core rebuild.

Sell that engine cover on eBay!

How many miles did the old girl do before it blew up?

The PS pump is gone, although I don’t recall removing it.

Jim, the car has 360,000km on it, and only seized from sitting…pretty good no?

Robert: The fuel rail was still pressurized when I removed it, although the rubber hoses that connect the right and left metal rails has cracked and should be renewed. The manifolds look fine, How’s $150? Keep in mind the box will be 40 pounds, so expect $50-60 postage.



Robert sounds good. I’ll PM you. Thanks.

Damn good !
Another testimony to the whole x300 line up!
Where are you located?
Maybe I bolt the bonnet to the barn wall?

Interested in Engine Robert. Where are you located

Hi. I am interested in the Chrome upper front center bumper part. (Part Number: BEC25496) If it has no dings. My location is Orlando Florida. May need a few more items if we can get in touch with each other. Thank you.

Pavel, In Canada we have those headlight washers, and you in the USA do not.
I suggest an American source for that item.
Good luck,

Yup, Forgot about that. Thank you. One further item. Do you have the wood tray on the seats?
I need the brackets with screws for the drivers seat. One of mine broke.

How much for the heads shipped to Miami, Florida please?

You can have the tray hinges free, just postage.

Norm Lutz asked first about the engine, so I’ll give him time to reply.
If he doesn’t want the engine, I’d expect about $800-$1000 to remove, crate and ship the 2 heads. Hopefully you can find some closer to you.



There are none near me especially at that price. Let me know how things shake out with Norm and we can go from there

Norm, are you there?
I did private message you a couple of days ago.

Are the wheels available? Photo? Thanks.