Parts car help_________________

hey, y’all, I’m in need of some help, I’m the owner of an XJ-SC and I have been looking for a few months now for a parts car on sites like Copart and I finally found one, now, the car listed does not have the roof panels on it and the pictures do not show if anything is in the trunk, I know this isn’t fully related to the XJ-S but I want to know if anyone knows of a way if I can’t find the previous owner, like using the VIN or something, if not does anyone know of a place to get XJ-SC roof panels? that and the wood is pretty much all I need off the salvage car (for now) I dont know how much y’all can help me with this but if you can that would be great.

I assume you’ve googled the VIN? I am regularly surprised by what that returns. Frequently it shows the car for sale on other sites with slightly different or additional info…

i have but ive only checked the first few sites, ill look a bit mor, thanks