Parts needed for my restoration

First let me apologize for posting this here I just wanted to make sure the right people (MKII owner’s ) saw this as can be seen from the attached photo I have six of these ‘special’ washers and screws, but I need eleven this means I need 5 more does anyone out there have 5 screws and washers they are willing to sell me, and in case you are wondering they are the screws and washers that hold down the transmission cover on a manual MKII .

As always guys and girls, thank you


SNG do them , BD5428 and DZZ.412/10C , washers are around 80p each Screws about 12p each
Nothing special about them realy , screws are just slot head self tapping screws , as for the washers , just get the same size round washers and grind 2 flats !

Thanks I didn’t even consider they would have them I’ll order some right now.