Passenger airbag cover removal

veneer is bad on passenger side airbag COVER .i need to know how to take off airbag straps so i can fit a new front.
i know how to prize the front off then need help.


I seem to remember seeing this question before and not seeing a reply. That may have been because no one has done this job but the information is relatively easy to research yourself. Anyway, out of curiosity I have done it. Here is picture of the cover removed.

It looks like you have to remove the airbag to gain access to the bracket to which the far end of the straps are fitted. Your new cover should come with straps and bracket.

Here are the instructions from JTIS 76.73.37 for removing the airbag. Be careful!

thanks a lot…amazing illustrations most helpful.only reply,trouble is i am frightened to do it now!!!
will pluck up courage soon.