Patreon website intrusive

(Doug) #1

I just went to the Patreon website to contribute and noticed that, among many other scripts that site uses, are facebook, amazon, twitter ads, google analytics, etc. trackers. I do not allow those trackers on my computer so I can not contribute to the creation and upkeep of this website via that method. One reason I like Jaglovers is the fact that this site does NOT impose those trackers on its users.

Off topic, Patron designation question
(tony) #2

Hi Doug. I too wish to contribute (which I have done before) but am a bit suss about Patreon

Dont really want people thinking I am a “freeloader”…so one way around it would be to add something to signature along the lines “contributed via Paypal”

(69 FHC ) #3

I had “Non-Patron Contributor” in my sig line for a bit, but felt it looked silly so I removed it. I know I kicked in some $ and I would hope others aren’t judging members by whether they have “Patron” attached to their name.

(David Jauch) #4

And I disliked the patreon flair show off thingy. Bottom line of discussion was that for now it’s the best way for the admins. Why not add ‚I donate via PayPal or something“ to your profile page? Should be sufficient and you can absolutely be trusted I‘d say… Gunnar said it’s been a lot of work to mention the individuals who donate so best do it yourself and nothing can go wrong! You have to look for the PayPal link, I think I posted it in the HOW DO I - Thread in this section.

Absolutely agree with John. Exactly.


@MLee this might be your thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Andrew Waugh) #5

We chose Patreon because it was available as a plugin for the site. Part of that software is the “flair” on subscriber’s avatars. There was a similar flair for subscribers on the old site.

The point of the flair isn’t bragging rights, nor to shame people into subscribing. It’s a relatively unobtrusive way of indicating that some users subscribe funds to help us stay online. (It does cost money to run this site, the only way we cover those is via subscriptions)

We can’t integrate the paypal subscriptions to show a flair.

If you wish to use Paypal, then mentioning it in your “About me” is, to my mind, appropriate.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #6

At the risk of being a jerk, but the paypal link is at the bottom of each form page as a footer. Scroll down to the end of the thread. and you’ll find the paypal link.

I too am not a fan of patreon. I subscribe to a bunch of YouTube channels that request money via Patreon. Not a fan of site that automatically takes money from my account. Even if it is only a $1.00. I much rather drop a $50 when I have one to spare. Like I usually do via Pay Pal, than have money zapped out of my account.

All in all
I love this site, I find the people on this site, for the most part, are lovely individuals. If everyone lived close to me or I lived close to them (depending on how you want to look at it), I’m sure I would hang out with all of you!; Sadly they don’t, So we piss with the cock we got; the forum it is.


(David Jauch) #7

Not at all! It is there, admittedly. It always feels better to donate willingly, the act of giving and so on, but also so easy to forget :slightly_smiling_face:
However, patreon works or would work well for channels like clickspring (absolutely excellent) or roadkill with the pay-for-early-access-website. They do work better with some more dependable “salary”… so it has its place.

Definitely; there’s no better way to me right now for spending school time, and winter definitely… and one learns so much. Lovely. Cheers!

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #8

I love clickspring, pete222 is good as is This Old Tony. I like road kill and engine masters too. Oddly enough, I subscribe to these as well. Mighty Car Mods is also good or was good. I haven’t watched those two for a while.

I agree (learned so much), the knowledge and confidence I’ve gained from reading posts and communicating via this forum is invaluable.


(David Jauch) #9

We definitely watch the same stuff. ThisoldTony also for all the little surprises (how he does some of those tricks is beyond me), AvE is or was another favorite, and Rust2Rome, myfordboy for the metal castings. Never liked mightycarmods that much though but for a few occasions.


(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #10

Yes we do watch the same channels, i love avE, i will have to check out rust2rome. Lol that is awesome!

(David Jauch) #11

Absolutely, go for the Mark X videos!


(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #12

I started watching it yesterday. I wish I had his workshop. I had an opportunity to purchase a 420G and I passed it up. I’m kinda sorry I did. Kinda. Mechanically I like the car because it’s very similar to the XJ’s with a bonus the 3 carb intake on the XK. I’m on Part 7