PBR VH40 Brake Booster

Anyone know how to split-apart the base of the brake booster, having removed the securing steel strap with fastneing nut and bolt which, holding the two main vacuum parts together with the visable rubber-seal in-between the tow parts.
There is a thread protruding out, dead centre, on the bottom half of the vacuum, but looks like the washer, at its base, is formed and part of the base material. i.e: not removable unless, carefully ground off. Thoughts please?

If it’s got the strap on it, it should just come apart I think. The two halves are separated by the diaphragm which can stick pretty firmly. Try gently tapping it with a dead blow hammer.

Some of the others have a sort of keyed arrangement that holds the two halves together, and you have to rotate them to get them apart. I don’t think this happens with the ones held together with a strap though.

sincere thanks! Got it apart without damage - was quite stuck.
My next challenge is how do you remover the piston pin/shaft (if I can call it that) that slides within the “slave cylinder” (if that’s the correct term?) as I want to inspect the inside of the slave cylinder barrel, to see if there is any pitting and replace with new service kit etc…thank you again.

The VH40 is a bit different to the dual unit on the E type, which is what I’m familiar with.

There’s a nice diagram of your unit here.

You should be able to remove the 6 setscrews which hold the cylinder onto the front half of the shell.

From there you should be able to disassemble the cylinder.

The E type has a pin under the filling adapter that stops the piston sliding out but I don’t thing yours does.

I have taken apart a PBR VH40, and have one here that is fitted in a MK7

They can be taken apart, and I know an old fellow that overhauls them, he buys cores and looks after the PBR crowd

I also had a much larger PBR VH9 I think it was on my old truck, it was also fully overhauled

I would search Youtube