Pebble beach 2022

I’m looking to go to pebble beach and associated Carmel events next year… I’m looking to find accomodation at a reasonable rate or to share accomodation with some one to allay the costs ….if you are interested please let me know by PM

Ya know, that Bonneville will be just a week or so before Pebble?

You could pop out and take a ride in the JeeType, on the salt!


May do that Paul …. Would be interesting ….

Bonneville is a gearhead’s bucket lister!

Ill save ya bunk in the mo ho: other JLers have said they’ll be there: @Casso, still planning on coming?

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Just need to sort Monterey then …. :joy:


Danny, I stayed at the Howard Johnson motel linked below when I went to the Porsche Rennsport Reunion in 2018. An older property, humble, but their prices reflect that. I got a good nights sleep and it is convienient to the events you are likely to go see. Let us know if you come over.

Howard Johnson by Wyndham Marina at Monterey Bay | Marina, CA Hotels

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Last I checked (a couple years) the tickets were $300. You would be very lucky to find a room for less than that a night. It is one of the worst traffic bottleneck weekends of the year and PB parking is (umm, was,) $50.
The last time I “really” enjoyed it was about 1974 when I parked off the road next to the show and walked across the lawn to see the display of a dozen or so cars that were brought in. Chatted with a couple of millionaires who were interesting and knew their cars. Walked back to the car and drove home. All free. Fit my budget as I was a young married guy with a wife and two small kids and had just bought a $16,000. fixer-upper in Pacific Grove (about 3 miles from PB).
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If you want to see a lot of the Pebble Beach cars then go there early on Thursday morning as they start on the Tour around the peninsula. And then around noon they all stop for lunch and park on Ocean Ave in Carmel. You can get up close to them and sometimes talk to the owners. Can get pretty crowded but is all free at lest the last time I went. I never have been to the actual Concours since I prefer going to the races on Sunday. Finding reasonably priced hotel is the biggest challenge. The next time I go I am thinking of trying to rent a van and camping at Laguna Seca for the weekend. They have some bathrooms with showers there so might be possible and still be comfortable since temperatures are usually mild. I think you need to reserve camping spots well in advance.

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It’s next to impossible to find anything within an hour’s drive for less than $300. But the camping thing at Laguna Seca can be done for sure. You do have to reserve it for an extended time I believe, like a minimum of several days. And it’s in the neighborhood of $200 a night IIRC. But next time I go, it’ll be what I do. Camped there recently off season for $50/night. Mercedes was running their AMG drivers school. Those cars are nice running the track! There is also glamping at the Monterey Zoo. It was fun, but $375 a night.

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Ah, that’s always the hardest part! There is really no such thing as a reasonable rate during car week there, but it is possible to find some deals. I currently have reservations there at a couple different places, one at the Super 8 in Salinas at $127/night and one at a nice place on the waterfront at Cannery Row for about $430 a night, but I booked both of those in August the day after this year’s concours. Both seem like bargains compared to other places I’ve checked.

Salinas is a good place to look as it isn’t too far away, and is a lot cheaper than the Monterey and Carmel hotels. There are rooms available at the Motel 6, Hampton Inn, Super 8, and others that aren’t too bad.

One year everything was so booked I had to stay in King City. That was with one of the big Ferrari reunions which really bring the crowds.

That didn’t happen to be 2005, was it? I was there, with Jerry Mouton, @Ray_Livingston, @soothsayer1, and @Craig_Balzer.

Ferrari is the featured marque every 10 years (ending in a 4), and the one I was referring to was 1994. I didn’t make the 2004 event. 1994 was awesome - I think they had something like 28 of the 36 250GTOs at the track.

In 1994 PB was a TINY event, and tickets were “only” $50. It has now grown completely out of control. A group of us volunteered for United Way at PB for close to 15 years. We got free parking and admission, in exchange for working 3-4 hours selling tickets, handing out programs, manning the gates, etc. For many years, it was a really great deal. But, since then, the whole thing has gotten so huge, and so over-crowded, and so inconvenient to get in and out, we all decided that, even for free, it just wasn’t worth the hassle any more. So, we all quit volunteering, and haven’t gone back since, probably about 2015. It seemed like every year there were twice as many people as the year before. The ticket prices were insane - IIRC, admission when we started in the early 00’s, was $100 and the last time we went, it was up to $275. Unless you can get in before the gates open to the public, you can hardly even see most of the cars, other than a glimpse of part of one fender or door at a time, due to the ridiculous crowds of people.

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We’ve had a few spanners thrown into our plans but it’s still a possibility. My son who I’ve been planning the road trip with has just found out his Mrs is having twins ! She’s due around the end of May. The original plan was for her and my Mrs to fly to California while my son and I would fly to New York and then drive across to meet up with them but now we will have to hold fire a while to see how things pan out before booking anything solid. I’ll keep you informed.


Even when I used to go to Monterey car week religiously, I skipped the PB Concours, for the very reasons you mentioned. And that was before it became the craziness it is now.

We would spend most of the time at the track, also do the Concours Italiano, park off the Laurales Grade and watch the cars on the PB Tour cruise by, do the even on Ocean Ave, and spend a couple evenings at the auctions. We’d go home to LA grinning, sunburned, and exhausted.

I’m disappointed they didn’t make Jaguar the featured marque in 2022 as it would be the 100th anniversary; they did feature it for the 70th anniversary. Instead, they’ve chosen LeMans as the featured “marque” to celebrate its 100th anniversary, but if I’m not mistaken the first year of the race was 1923 so they screwed that up too.

@REBUILD61OTS , you might want to move this to the Lounge, as it is more general interest than just E types.

Thanks everyone …… I’m most great full for the advice…. Better start ringing a few of these accomodation places mentioned…. As an aside what in your views is the best of the hidden gems of car shows

A client of ours, so pleased with the work being carried out on his S3 OTS, shouted Bill a trip to PB in 2019. They stayed in Carmel at circa USD600.00 a night for what was not 5 star accommodation but not too shabby.

Parking and getting to the venue was not a problem, parking some distance away with numerous and regular coaches ferrying people to and from.

Carmel was an impromptu car show all the time they were their.


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In Seaside,just north of Monterey there is also a LeMons car show that weekend. I passed it on the way to get our tickets for the races,but didn’t stop in this year.

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Larry, the “LeMons” on Saturday is the one show we NEVER miss.

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I won’t miss it next time, but we had friends in from the East Coast, wanted to get to the track and , and, and. Based on your recommendation, when my wife and I go back, I’ll make sure to stop and see it.