Pedal Box parts for Clutch Pedal Needed - where can I find these?

I just discovered this thread. Please post a picture of the clutch reservoir when mounted. I am planning a similar project for my series 2 XJ12. I got the pedal kit from Vintage Jag and have not started on it. I want to wait until I have all the pieces for the conversion.Can you also please briefly describe your conversion? What flywheel did you use? Where did you get your bellhousing? -or was there a kit and what vendor(s) did you work with?


The clutch reservoir could go wherever you want (or can, on a V12) - but mounting it higher up would make sense. Might find space next to the master cylinder or up behind the booster?

The gasket or a bead of rtv - looks fine to me.

Tony - I got my bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, and new Tremic TKO 500 from American Powertrain. They will also send me the new driveshaft once I am ready with the measurements. It was a package deal - instructions, bolts, wiring, etc. Walt at Vintage Jag Works can also supply the parts needed - as you have discovered. I am not much of a fabricator or inventive enough to think I can do the install without serious guidance. You can save money for sure - but I really needed the backstop.

With regard to the clutch fluid reservoir - yes it needs to go high. Which will be hard to do. Ideally it should be above the master cylinder. If you can not do that, you can mount it lower, but you will likely need to lift it higher than the clutch master cylinder - like an IV bag - to do the initial bleed for the slave cylinder - in my case a HYDRAMAX clutch release setup.

Good luck - happy to help where I can.
1984 (Euro Spec) Vanden Plas V12