Piston specs for overbore 6L

I have a junkyard 6L from a late 90s XJ. Appears to have had head gasket failure and 1B and 4B have pretty rusted out liners. Haven’t been machined yet but I suspect it should clean up at 92mm-93mm. The other 10 liners look great and might be good enough for a standard rebuild even.

Does anyone have a piston specification recipe for an overbore 6L that will work with overboring the standard liners that they could share so I could have them duplicated at JE/Ross/etc…? Something that would keep compression similar.

Do I need a custom head gasket for a 93mm overbore?

Alternatively if anyone has a source for good 6L liners I may consider just keeping it standard to save downtime.

Check with Rob Beere Racing