Plastic Dome Light Lens

My dome light lens on the XJ6 became so brittle they disintegrated…was able to find a used one from David Boger. Are reproductions available? Has anyone tried 3-D printing, etc.

Thank you,
John B.

I had to pay $45.00 each for two complete lamps. Was very happy to get them! Not aware of repros. When you replace bulbs use LED festoons - warm white variant. These run cold. Have seen them occasionally on EBay. Paul

I’ve got samples and am beginning to make molds for casting of low production run replacements…stay tuned for updates.



Thanks Gary…will do.
John B.

I will buy a dozen just lens at right price Gary

Did you ever make molds of the Jaguar dome light lens?
John Bowes

I must admit…i collected all the necessary items and materials…then my fathers health took a serious turn and I became occupied in his care for a year and a half. Now I am finishing clearing his estate with the impending closing on the sale of his house…

So after October 18th I should have more time to again pursue this project.



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