Plea for a tool for MKIV 511438

Hello, I hope all of you are well. 511438 is unfortunately stagnant (and looks lovely in it’s original colour of lavender grey) whilst the engine is being re invigorated ,but the tool kit is probably as good as I can get it at this point in time , with the exception of the ever elusive C.178, the reproduction that currently occupies it’s space in the tool tray sticks out like a sore thumb. I’ve recently added a C.305 and a C.205 and have amended a few other details including the replacement of the C.994 & C.32 with nicer examples, but I really would like the C.178 please, so I am finally able to rest and move on from this topic. I hope somebody out there is willing/able to help me. I’ve attached some images to show it’s size relative to other tools in the kit.

With best regards,