Please help identifying man responsible for this radical conversion

Not much I know about it. It was done in the '80s in the UK. Started life as likely Mk1, done by a homemade mechanic (sax/guitar musician who passed away in 2017)

back and engine here:

If the rear flares had been done more in keeping with the body shape–like the Dietl flares on BMW 2002s- it would be …more acceptable.

If it were mine, I’d redo those flares.

Yeah, they look like mudguards on a dually pick up.

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Yea. This car isn’t going to win any awards, but I am still very curious who’s responsible for it…
I’m looking for any additional info. Like identity of the engine for example could help.

Looks like it might be rear engine so perhaps Porsche.

could be, but the tailpipes looks very VW

I think it’s an 455, from a Caddy or Toronado.

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Bump. Any other insight?


Welcome to the forum. I can understand your interest in that old Jag. Looks like it was well thought out and the workmanship was outstanding. Keep the info coming and thanks for posting.


[quote=“micjagger, post:9, topic:380979”] I can understand your interest in that old Jag.

In caae it helps searches, it appears to have been a mid/late 60s Daimler 2.5L V8

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Dosen’t look like the 2.5 V8 to me, unless they have changed the rocker covers?

Sorry to me its just plain fugly

You aren’t wrong. This is not cup o tea either. Not looking to buy it, nor hang it on the wall just the name of person responsible for it

I have never understood these.

I have seen only one that actually extended the 2-doors that remained, when making it a coupe.

Unfortunately, the windshield is still a compromise because they didn’t make a frame befitting of a ragtop.

Would love to see a proper coupe. A few years back saw a very nice MKIX done up as a coupe. Major work involved as the firewall/windshield was moved back by almost a foot. The remaing 2-doors were lengthened and they re-arched the rear opening quarter windows to match the roof line.


Since I do not have the real thing, this is a 43rd scale model from my collection of the one off 420 convertible conversion done many decades ago

Not bad looking at all in my opinion.


What a great model. Well done.
I have a thing for convertible tops in the down position that retract down into the body and are barely visible. The 46-48 Fords are my favorite.

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It has a fluted Daimler grille.

I appreciate that (I used to own one) I was meaning the engine dosen’t look like the V8 from a Daimler

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It is a Daimler grille: fairly sure it is not a Daimler engine. The spark plugs are not in a hemi-style: they are offset, down towards the exhaust side of what look to be cast iron heads.