Pm5 connector question

I’m still deciding what I want to do as far as my fog/driving lights on my XJS, but like the look of the Hella FF50 and FF75. However I would like to keep the factory connectors intact just in case. I looked at the electrical manual for the 93 XJS and they say it’s a PM5 connector. Does anyone know if someone is making them still?

I’ve probably got one of those in the garage somewhere.

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It’d be nice to figure this one out for the archives.

I assume you’re referring to the yellow connector here:


PM has referred to (in some case) Positive Mate Mark IV connectors, but I don’t think that’s the case this time… maybe…

It’s hard to tell w/o having more detailed pictures of the connector pins and housing itself, but I think this may be a variation of a Sumitomo connector.

PN: DJ7031F-2-11


[MT-3P-2 3-Way Kit] Kit Contents: Housing, 3 pin contacts, 3 seals
Series: [MT Sealed Series] MT090
OEM P/N: 6187-3231
Mating Part: [MT-3S-2]

TE/AMP also may have made something similar, but is probably an obsolete part now… making the part number a challenge but not impossible to find. Ideally a PDF illustration can be found.

I’ll try looking again if this isn’t’ it… obviously the Sumitomo on is slightly different on the back end at least.

~Paul K.

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