Polarity swap, wiper motor?

I have converted my 140DHC to negative earth. I’ve just got a replacement wiper motor, a correct DR1 from 1955 - do I need to do anything other than the factory wiring connections to this? I’m guessing the casing will need an earth, as it’s not in the harness.

Hi Roger…as far as im aware it should be ok…however it could run backwards so an adjustment to the parking position may be needed…have you had your clock polarity changed…Steve

I have converted both XK140 and XK150.
It is not polarity sensitive, it will always go the right way ( because it has no magnets )

Thanks both.
Yes, Steve, I’ve had the clock done by Clocks4classics, so electronic movement and neg earth. Also neg earth Dynalite, Motorola conversion, and SU electronic pump. I think that’s all…