Pondering an x150 to replace my VDP

I’m expecting to hear from my insurer that my ‘06 Radiance Pearl VDP was totaled by a falling tree. I’m pondering the switch from big sedans to an XK ragtop. I’m here looking for a little guidance on things to watch for in a purchase and understand about its weak spots. I am primarily interested in models with the 4.2 engine, and years ‘04-09, but willing to look at ‘97-03. I realize there’s a separate list for the ‘06-upwards and will post this there as well.

I am aware of the timing chain issue on the 4.0, nikasil, green rain, and the fact a “sealed for life” ZF HP26 transmission really needs to have fluid/filter replaced at 60K. Are there any other real biggies out there me or my mechanic should be looking for? Is the supercharger reliable over an extended period were I to get an R? Is the early cup holder design easily repairable/replaceable?

My personal desires in the way of equipment on the car are Bluetooth (it can pipe phone calls into my hearing aids); and a 6-CD changer. A heated steering wheel would be nice. I know Jag navigation is a joke and I just use my phone anyway. Are there other creature comforts a 70-year-old might like? Is it possible even over short distances to place a small adult turned mostly sideways in what otherwise might be the grocery bag back “alleged” seating area?

I thank everyone in advance for their willingness to offer advice.

Eliot Brenner
Annandale, Va.