Poor quality contact breaker

This loose contact was the cause of the uneven, hesitating, misfiring running of my recently rebuilt engine in an XK140. Don’t know the make, but the rivet holding the contact had come loose, and the running was getting worse from one day to the other.
Total mileage on the new contacts is perhaps 300 miles!image image

NOS contact breakers made by Lucas from the 1950s and 1960s, which came in a red box, are now in short supply. But they are very good quality if you can find them.

An excellent alternative are the NOS contact breakers made by Remax. They’re readily available on eBay and relatively inexpensive. Remax was an English competitor of Lucas, and their contact breakers will show both the Lucas part number and Remax part number on the box.

For my XK120, I use the Remax ES 79 and find them to be long lasting and high quality.

Great info. Thank you.
There is a small business in the UK called Distributor Doctor. They/he seems very knowledgeable and makes and sells good components. He also rebuilds distributors.