Power source for Daytime Running Lights

Has anyone experience with fitting daytime running lights (DRL) to their XK for safety? Looking to fit two DRLs under the front bumpers out of view (except to oncoming traffic) on my XK120.

Is anyone aware of a point somewhere up the front of the XK from which to draw power that is live when the ignition is on? Only one I have found so far is on the electronic choke. Prefer not to use this as it is quite visible when looking under the bonnet, prefer more hidden power source. Apart from 1 fuse at the fuse box which appears live all the time, the others (eg sidelight fuse) appear only to be live once the circuit is switched on with the ignition on.

Has anyone fitted lights that are automatically on whenever the ignition is on?

Strange, your side light circuit should be live without the ignition on.
You could connect your DRLs to the fuel pump or the coil SW terminal.

Thanks very much Rob for the suggestions.

if I were you I would use any of these switched live feeds to energise a relay then run a power feed from an appropriate load carrying capacity connection. This could be either adding to one of the existing fuses or a separate power feed from the main 12 volt supply point on the starter solenoid. A lot depends on the new running lights wattage.

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Thanks for the suggestion Phil. The lights have not arrived yet but I understand that DTRs use LEDs and are usually very low wattage (typically around 4 w).

cool. no realy needed for them!

There is a switched live supply to the brake lamp switch. Not too far to run wires to the front from there and out of sight.

Thanks for the suggestions.