Power Steering Reservoir Parts

(Timothy M Fox) #1

Hello once again,

Does anyone have a name of a supplier who carries the rubber seals and the radiator type filler cap for the MKII reservoir on the right of the schematic drawing?



(peder) #2

Good point, as I regularly wipe off a thin layer of oil on the flat top of the reservoir on my S-type.

(Ian) #3

I know DMG sale new Reservoirs , may be worth trying them !

(Timothy M Fox) #4

Hi Ian,

I’m not familiar with DMG.


(Brian T) #5

I manufactured one using oil-resistent sheet rubber that I obtained from McMaster-Carr. I searched for the appropriate thickness and then cut it to size. Replacement of the original seal necessitated the removal and replacement of the central rivet.

One important note, be sure to punch a small vent hole in the new gasket inside of the sealing area. The original seal possesses a crescent shaped vent hold punched through it. Failure to place a vent hole in the new seal will result in significant leakage of P/S fluid between the lid and the canister…I re-sealed the lid three times before I suspected that pressure could be forcing the fluid out of the canister. Upon inspecting the original gasket, I notice the crescent shaped vent hole and found the root of my problem. I opened a small vent hole in my fabricated seal and now my P/S system runs dry on the outside (as it should).

It’s worth repeating that the retention of original parts until the replacement part and repair have been thoroughly tested/used is a good practice. I would have been very challenged to sort this out had I not kept the original seal. Small details matter.

Good luck with your project!

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(John Quilter) #7

I believe what you need is a standard sized radiator blanking cap which is without spring pressure release. These were fitted to the BMC 1100/1300 range and I believe classic Minis. I also believe they were the engine oil filler cap on some Triumphs such as the Spitfire. I can not immediately locate a source for the 1100/1300 ones but here is a link to what I believe is the same for the Triumph.

John Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

(Tigger) #8

The cap dimensions are pretty standard British car oil filler cap - I purchased one such as this, the only mod was I cut a small ‘v’ section in the seal to allow for the expansion/contraction as the fluid warmed and cooled. https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-598231P I have also earmarked on fleabay a polished stainless version - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Herald-STAINLESS-STEEL-Rocker-Cover-Cap/200550732168 but think this may be a bit bling!

(Timothy M Fox) #9

Thank you all for your assistance. I really do appreciate it.

I think I have found a suitable version from a supplier in Australia. I’ll buy one then advise everyone how it fits.