Pre-bent Fuel Lines for late XK 120 OTS

Searching for a source to purchase pre-bent fuel lines for my 54 XK-120 OS.
I’m US based in Virginia but would consider any source.


Good luck with that. I’ve not seen any pre-bent. The usual supplliers sell sets of straight fuel lines. And it makes sense as the bends will differ very slightly from car to car. Getting them to fit leak-free is not easy. I used PTFE tape to ensure a seal…

Thanks for all of the encouragement :smile:

This is going to be a serious challenge for me.

Easier to do with the floors out and rear wheel off.
Lower valence might have been off too, I can’t remember.

The trick to installing those pincher jaw pipe clips is to twist them in, not straight in.

Thanks for the photos. The pre-bent pipes look nothing like those so I’m purchasing a tube bender and re-bending them. Assuming that you have the dual master cylinder mounted on the drivers side frame.

Any chance that you can photo the pipe out of the master cylinder to the 3 way union in the front and the pipe connecting to the master cylinder and proceeding to the outside of the frame.

It is not clear to me how the tube gets through the frame from the master cylinder.

Thanks so much-


Sorry, I thought we were talking about fuel pipes.
I have the single master cylinder. The brake pipe connects to a banjo fitting on it, and runs over to a tee mounted on the inside of the frame.

There is a place on the right side where the pipe runs through a hole in the chassis, and there is a union connection there.

But the tandem system is probably different.