Present for my dad help

Hi, I need some help. My dad’s birthday is coming up soon, and he loves his XK8. I’m trying to think of ways to enhance his experience in the car, but I’m lost and unsure. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know as soon as possible. :oncoming_automobile:

Sort of depends on how much work your dad does on his own, what condition the car is in, and budget.

Is he into detailing his car? If not, maybe a gift card to a local detail shop?

Does the car have any small dings and dents? Then a reputable paintless dent repair person to fix them.

Some new tires?

Hey Liz,
I second the detailing gift card and paint-less body dings repairs. Also check if it needs
new carpet mat replacements, cleaning products for leather, glass, exterior, interior &
tire black. There are 3 or 4 good brands out there at most all car shops that trust. There
are quite a few of us that prefer “Griots” brand, also found in the best stores. You didn’t
say, but, does it have a convertible (Drop Top) top, if yes there is a fine cell “sponge” that
cleans tops beautifully. These are things that we who show their XK8 at a Concurs D’ Elegance
use every few weeks in summer. Good luck in your pursuit for your dads XK8.
Bob Allen
Member of the Jaguar Clubs of America, and also, a great gift for local support & fun.
(Several times winner of “First in Class” Champion Class, 2001 XK8 in Topaz with 90k+ miles)

I would suggest a die cast model of his car.