Procedure to replace hood cable releases 2001 xj8

everyone thanks for updates on the drivers side hood stuck issue. there was no hole predrilled on my drivers side as i combed it time and time again. i did drill, and hood is now open. The cable popped out due to the plastic flange that holds the ball in place had broken off in pieces over time.
i now need to replace cable. i cannot find a video on step by step procedures if someone could help please.
Also, i see cables on line are plentiful, but would love suggestions on going to the right vendor to purchase.

Put the cable back in the slot, bend the slot CLOSED a bit and go on with your life.

It crossed my mind to crimp that so the ball couldn’t come out

I was about to say good luck on finding new cables … There are a few out there, but the vendors want a ton of $$ for them, e.g. $150 or more … :money_mouth_face: (compare that to a new XJS hood release cable for less than $40 :crazy_face: )