Production Years and Numbers


Quick question for the historians… Any idea what model year F-type actually started to ship to the United states? I have seen 2012 and 2013 right hand drives advertised in the UK and elsewhere. I am guessing the 2012’s are typos but maybe the 2013’s are real. I have not seen any 2013’s for sale in the US. Websites I have found said production started in 2013 so I am assuming that was for the 2014 model year at least how we count it here in the US.

If anyone could shed some light on it, I would appreciated. Thanks!

Good question! I always thought 2014 was the first model year. I’d be interested to hear something definitive on this.

Wikipedia gives 2013 as the first year of production.

From Tata’s Annual Report (

Any true model year 2013s will be convertibles. They all were. The coupe revision of the drop-top original debuted in 2014.

Calendar year, yes. But model year 2015, no?