Progress on #39064

I took our SS100 off the lift so that I could start prepping our Etype for shipment to England for E60. So…a few updates that you will all recognize’. The spring bushings were a challenge, note one worn thru. The rear of the car acted like it had been dipped in salt water… New kingpins and bushings were straight forward. Brakes OK too, although I had to make two new adjuster shafts. As usual, Alan Gibbins parts were a great help. This is a never restored car out of the Netherlands with one family ownership for 60 years so fascinating to work on, and this forum is great help. I solved the spring fitting problem with a strap from my engine lift. I had spring gaiters made. Woodwork is next. Dave


Hello DaveXK,

I stumbled on this forum, and especially this topic when browsing the internet.

This SS100 was bought by my Grandfathers brother somewhere in the 1950’s, and we have sold the car in 2016. I would like to get in touch (by e-mail?) with you, i might have some photo’s and stories from my father of the car’s past!

Kind regards, Steven