PU bushes for x300 front suspension

I need to replace at least the bushes on the top wishbones

And maybe the bottom ones

Are there any PU alternatives? My experience with rubber quality had not been good recently…


I found them myself. Powerflex has them.

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I am a bit lost as to how these are supposed to work. On most suspension systems I have worked on, the twisting is supposed to happen in the rubber. But on these bushes there seems to be far too little rubber in between the metal parts of the bushes for this to work. So where is the movement here?

There is no so-called rubber twisting with a PU bush. That is the reason why you use the lube when installing. The movement is between the shaft and the inner diameter of the bush or between the bush outer diameter and whatever it sits in, or both.

They also can be torqued down while on a hoist, not required to have suspension weighted.

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That makes sense, thank you!
But even with the original rubber bushes I can’t see there beeing any twisting in the rubber, the rubber thickness seems far to thin for that. So I wonder how it is supposed to work.