[PURCHASED] XJS accelerator cable needed

(Greg) #1

Description: Part CBC19101

I’m looking for a good working accelerator cable for LHD mid80s XJS with auto trans. It will have etched cac3805 on plate for microswitch. Photos below.

I accidentally shorted the sleeve, now cable does not move freely.

$50 + shipping?

Location: Seattle, WA

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(phillip keeter) #2

I wonder if a good nuts and bolts supply house would have the parts for you to rebuild your sleeve?

(Greg) #3

I wouldn’t know how to fit it all. I’m hoping a used one shows up soon, can’t drive car.

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(Stephen J. Niznik) #4

I have a few. Contact me off list at sjniznik@msn.com.


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(richard hartwell) #5

I have a new cable and a used one from a 2,000 mile XJS I parted out if you still need one.

South Florida Jaguar Club

(Greg) #6

Thanks Richard, but Stephen has set me up with one.
Can I contact you directly for used parts in the future for my 88 XJS V12 ? Good to have contacts like you guys.