Question about Classifieds

Why aren’t the SOLD and CANCELLED items removed? There is no point in leaving them to wade through.

Are they causing issues? It would require time to go wading through the list trying to prune things. Any member who posts a thread there should be able to delete the entire thread if they wish it gone, but it’s not common for any forum to deliberately purge old posts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that did it.

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Well, the ISSUE is that there is NO reason for them to remain taking up so much space. And I have seen MANY websites remove ads that are no longer useful. Sorry to bother you.

I’ll chime in because I often have similar thoughts about digital bandwidth. Back in the day I would write code all day long for use in various systems with memory resources measured in kilobytes or megabytes. I still “feel” the constraint to not be wasteful. You don’t leave useless info on a 10 Mbyte $100 hard disk, for example. I am constantly purging my various junk email files, even though my younger colleagues claim there is no need.

I just looked at the classified section…the newer posts are at top, so you have complete control as to how far down you should read. OTOH, a few very old posts that might remain valid (stuff still for sale) are perhaps a bit harder to get to. But the idea of “taking up so much space” is, according to my younger and more knowledgeable friends, not an issue. IMHO.

Taking up space as a matter of real estate and having to wade through them , NOT memory space. Never mind, if no one cares, I don’t either.

Hi Bob,

I just had a look, there’s no way to auto-delete topics in Discourse currently (each ad/new post in a category is a topic in Discourse parlance).

I see other site owners have requested it though, so the functionality might be included in a future release. I added our voice to the request for this functionality.

I think we could safely auto-delete all topics in the Classifieds category after 90 days or so. Most ads aren’t relevant even that long.

Doing it manually is just too much work, we don’t have the manpower for that since Jag-lovers is 100% volunteer-driven. But if the auto-delete functionality is added to Discourse, we’ll certainly consider enabling it for the Classifieds.


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Yeah, I get it’s probably time restrictive. Just curious. Thanks.

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(always could be wrong)

Hopefully Discourse implements an exclusionary search.

You can exclude tags. I don’t know if there is a way to change the functionality of the buttons at the top that mark the topic as [SOLD], etc. to instead add a tag.

I agree with Erica on not purging old posts, sold or not.